florian heigl

munich based systems administrator

business contact: my real website

private contact: see below.

general interests: unix, networking and storage. professional system administration, with highest degrees of automation. community informatics.

IANA pen: 31362


I like working with: Xen, Bacula, "real" Unix, FreeBSD, NTP, SNMP, Loadbalancers, NEBS3 telco gear, LVMs, IPv6, Carrier Grade Linux, Cobbler.

For money i'll also work with: Linux, Windows, Exchange, sick french batch schedulers, gigabyte-sized SAN management software.

For no amount of money i'll work with: Sharepoint, Debian Zealots with 2 years of linux experience and 20 years of ego, people that *only* know what their MCSE, LPIC or whatever book told them, and didn't even bother to get even basics like taught in A+, business consultants.

to be honest, often I actually do, but don't expect me to be nice about it...people like these are cheating their employers, nothing more.


(missing) in english... and german


i've had more than a dozen certs from brainbench.com by evaluating beta exams for them, which by now are long expired. besides those I'm RHCT+RHCE and a system engineer for IBM blade center systems. While I dont see much value in these, if interested, look at the CV for more detail.


keirsey says: idealist:healer. yes, I live for fixing things, helping people. but... i say: reread the bit about "set off from the rest" kkthxbai.

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over time I've taken a lot of pictures, some of them actually good, many more that still need some kind of filing, tagging, postprocessing and sorting out.

i'm rebuilding my old static html gallery into something that looks quite web2.0, so far it is not available online because I hate coding, missing features and database design. for the time being I have a working gallery at Google's Picasa.

It's not skinnable, doesn't allow tagging or tag-based streams, the uploads suck and it's size limited, but, well.it exists.


i'm aware actual links would be great, some of this had been in my blog site and went amiss with it.

besides that I do a lot of freebsd/hp-ux support on irc (see below), did a few translations for various OSS projects and made the HP-UX pkgsrc port happen by nagging the right people more often than they could bear, and a few dozen 8hour bulk chain builds. Also something I'm always keen on working with is Bacula, the only backup tool I like better than NetWorker.


I think everyone should overcome PIO mode issues by using an Acard IDE to LVD bridge, connecting it to an IBM LVD to FC-AL bridge and hooking that up to a nice Cisco SN5428 FC to iSCSI bridge so they can finally use the DVD drive on their laptop!

After relying more and more heavily on virtualized servers, it got quite tricky to implement a lab network with hosts and separate switches. A sketch of my lab network goes here.

Things i'd like to work on

Some of my friends that are actually online, somewhere

and some more who aren't :)


i can be found on the following networks/channels, by the nick 'darkfader':

please note i'm not affilated with that other guy "DarkFader" that started using the name a few years after me and might be slightly related to your broken nintendo ds. althought I don't care about it, either.


my email address can be obtained using the DENIC whois interface. My ICQ number is known to everyone who's supposed to know it. for legal matters, refer to the Admin-C handle for this domain as it's intended.

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Final thoughts

on a side note, while i've started using CSS back in 1999, I forgot most, if not all of my webdesign experience by now. feel invited to complain about this rather minimalistic website, and i'll email you the sketches for the rework that spawned it, so you can build it for me. thanks.

my site had been down / changing addresses for almost 4 years now and this had all the best effects - I have been literally flushed out of the internet. After 13 years there is a lot of traces I'd rather not see any longer, and magically they're all out of the google indexes! :)

no, i don't have any idea why i picked english for the text. sorry to my german-speaking relatives and friends.