Creating a lab lan

i puzzled my head when trying to create a completely independent LAN for testing of 802.1x, different STP versions, and over stuff that might easily break my everyday-use LAN. it should also use the systems from my linux lab howto as backends for - for example RADIUS and be able to offer test wifi networks etc. it needed internet connectivity without relying on any ressources from my normal LAN, but I DID want a way to access it...


Firewall policies

all made using firewall builder; some extra fun would be getting snortsnart or something like it up and running, especially since I bought a wonderful IDS loadbalancer (flowbased, etc) that still needs to see it's testing some day. for now, I still need to solder a few DIY ethernet taps for copper and fibre.

firewallbuilder allows to dump the rulebase to html using some addon script; link should be here